Bring a team together

Gather family, friends and work colleagues together in a team - it's a great way to show your united support for people living with Parkinson's.  Bringing a team together online, so that you can support each other and fundraise together, is easy!

Each $25 contributed to the team fundraising total will go towards a limited edition 2017 A Walk in the Park t-shirt for team members, even for those who have not fundraised!

Creating a team page

  1. Once signed in to your supporter page click on 'Create Team'
  2. A window will appear allowing you to choose your desired team name.  Once chosen, click on 'Create Team'
  3. You will be taken through to your new team page, with a banner confirming it has been created

How to invite people to join your team

  1. To invite team members to your team, from your team page click on 'Invite Members'
  2. Enter the email address, separated by commas of those you wish to invite to your team page. You can personalise your request by adding a message to the invitation.  To complete the process click on 'Invite Members'
  3. A banner will appear confirming your invitations have been successfully sent by email
  4. To accept your invitation, they must click 'Join Team' and will be taken to the registration page. People must register for A Walk in the Park and activate their supporter page (even if they choose not to fundraise) to be seen as team members. Participants who do not activate their supporter page (or are Under 16 and have not signed the waiver) will not be seen by the team leader.